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A few words at the beginning 

mh1.jpgThe world, trade, services and things - everything can be seen from various points of view… After years of study, work and life we do not meditate about many things. We perceive them as a natural part of our being and we take them as they are. We often do not think at all that they could be different, that they might mean something else or that some things could be done in a different way. These are just our habits of viewing the world and usually we do not meditate about them.

But when we start to think about: Are all these things really such as they appear at first glance? Cannot they be anything different? If we do one thing in the same way for ten years cannot we do it differently? Are all things - that at first glance appear to be a nonsense - really useless things?
The development of the modern world and hastiness time suppress our creativity. We have a lot of to do with going to work, taking care of the family, organizing the rest of our free time, but we do not have enough time to think whether something can be done differently and better. Optics of our perception taper into the tunnel and thus many of coherencies and benefits disappear just because we do not see them.
It is the way in the high reeds through which we cannot see another context and pathways around us. On purpose, try sometimes to stand in 2-meter-high grass and think about what could be behind a few blades of grass. You will have a half meter view and still nearby you may find your friend, your saving as well as danger... Chances, opportunities but also threats
I try to look at the world in a different way. The whole my life I have tried to find different ways not only for myself but for my loved ones, my employers, clients and business partners. Many wonderful ideas or solutions are often surprisingly simple but due to the grass we cannot see them.
The best way is to try, at least for a while, look at the world around us from the bird's-eye view to have a better idea of what is happening around us. This is of course applicable to our business and trade.
I myself I am trying to apply this approach in terms of capital and financial markets. For recent few years I have been trying to support the Czech Republic to play a more significant role in alternative investments, private equity funds, real estate funds and possibly to take the position as a fund centre of these alternative investments in Europe.
It is not always simple, but simple things usually do not bring satisfaction. I like challenges and one of them could be - for example - our cooperation in apparently impossible things.
Martin Hanzlík                                                           Prague, January 2010